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Enjoy With Pride: Nature, Culture, Adventure and More…

Our beautiful world has been blessed by serenely magnificent nature, uniquely diversified cultures, tremendously varied holiday options to choose from and much more. However, each must be enjoyed, loved, saved and inherited in its best form to every upcoming generation, in fact, the liability of the present generation. This realization has inspired the founders of Amazing Tours & Travels and Amazing Adventures Treks & Expeditions to operate in a responsible way, striving to offer a different experience that can be cherished with pride to every traveler. We just started in the year 2003 in Nepal, and have been offering a variety of tours and treks throughout Nepal and across the borders to Tibet, Bhutan and India as our prime destinations. We try our best to tailor each package to suit specific requirements and do all we can to operate each as a responsible operator.

The Mission of our product is to offer the best possible quality service to the travelers _ ensuring memorable holiday experiences on their part _ through well-designed and well-implemented packages. We do have a package to quench the thirst of almost every traveler: the explorer, the adventurous, the beginner or the professional!

Likewise, our Social Mission is to operate each company in a way that functions as a catalyst in improving the quality of life of the people living in each area visited. We have developed a network of locally-owned accommodation facilities, restaurants and souvenir outlets in almost every place included in the program in Nepal. We have been working on fully developing such networks in other destinations of our operation as well. Employment opportunity to the local residents wherever possible is another integral part of our social mission.

Our Economic Mission, obviously, is to ensure that the company has a progressively profitable sound financial health, and that enough growth and reward opportunities exist for every staff-member.

Similarly, we have our environmental mission whereby we try to ensure that the impact of our activities on the environment is nil or is at least at the minimum possible level. We have adapted an environmental code of conduct and have been trying our best to stick to it. This code is shared with the travelers, through emails beforehand or in print on arrival. Our Guides have been well-trained on environmental protection and preservation of the Heritage sites. The vehicles used are only petrol-fuelled ones and driven in eco-friendly ways. Within our office, we collect and recycle the used paper, along with printout minimization and energy conservation wherever possible.

We have established a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization (NGO), in Nepal to further consolidate this endeavor.

Through these small efforts, we at Amazing Tours and Travels and Amazing Adventures Treks and Expeditions have been trying our best to operate in a responsible way, assisting every guest of ours to enjoy the trip to the fullest satisfaction and cherish it with pride for many years.

We Enthusiastically Await To The Pleasure Of Offering You Our Services, Assisting You In Realizing Your Dreams Come True…

Welcome To The World Of The Himalayas And Beyond! Have An AMAZING Holiday!!

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