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India, with an area of 1,269,346 sq. mi. (3,287,590 sq. km) is one of the largest countries in the world. With a population of over 1000 million, it is the second largest country in the world in population. Only China, its neighbor to the north, has more people. About one out of every six people in the world lives in India.

For hundreds of years, India meant mystery, wealth, and excitement to people of the Western world. Early European explorers, traders, and adventurers traveled to India for jewels, rugs, silks, spices, and other valuable articles. Christopher Columbus was looking for an easier route to India when he arrived in America. Present day explorers can enjoy the charm of this all along with some taste of the modern era.

Visit India and enjoy great varieties and differences in both its land, its people, the art and architecture that it has to offer. Travel India through the mighty rivers and coastal areas, deserts, extensive tropical lowlands, wide plateaus, jungles, one of the world's rainiest areas and the tallest mountain systems in the world to fully explore it. The Great Mountains of the North, the Great Plains of Northern India and the Great Plateau of Peninsular India reflect the huge attractions of this unique country. Tours to India including trekking in India, birding in India, Agra tours, the golden triangle tours, Rajasthan tours, Goa tours and other itineraries for a wonderful holiday in India are offered by the AMAZING Group of companies.

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