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Ayurveda Legend of Nepal

Nepal has the highest mountains on earth. The wisest human beings have always withdrawn into the mountains because a special spiritual strength emanates from them.
Nepal's strong wind has caused thousands of medicinal herbs to grow their roots deep in its earth. Over 3500 medicinal herbs are indigenous to Nepal. The mountains and plants, sun, rain and wind contribute to a very high degree of healing energy that resides in Nepal. Nepal in itself is a "place of strength".

It is told, over thousands of years ago "visionaries" or "rishis" from the Himalayas "received from God" the teachings of life, the sacred natural law of all life. For thousands of years healers in Nepal have been practising Ayurveda and have constantly adapted it to the vicissitudes of life. Nepal has never been subject to foreign political and cultural influences. For this reason ayurvedic knowledge is still rooted in the minds of the people, even if this is still only subconsciously. An example of this is the massages, which are still given in every family. Every baby is massaged by mother once a week even into its third year of life, and the mother also receives a massage soon after giving birth, because they know how important how important oil and touch are for mother and child. Even today, in almost every family there is a knowledge of the effect of certain spices and herbs specific to the season of the year. The rituals still extant at various festivals have their roots in the interplay between all the powers of the cosmos.

There is an abundance of so-called "grandmother wisdom" in Nepal that is passed on from generation to generation. Knowledge about medicinal herbs is also still very alive.

Ayurveda in Nepal always incorporated a person's spiritual development, with the result that medicine was never limited to isolated aspects of a person or to the prescription of medication. The whole person was always considered from his/her four-dimensionality: body - senses, mind and soul.

4000 of the old Sanskrit texts are still extant in Nepal.

The doctors involved live with all their hearts by the Ayurveda tradition and combine the ancient knowledge of healing with modern concepts.

The competence and friendliness of the Nepalese and their highly developed intuitive faculties make all treatment into a beneficial event.