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Our Guiding Policies

Working in a changing environment and believing that we need to be 'creative', wherever we are and whatever we are doing, means that we do not have a big set of policies to guide us. We prefer to be flexible, go with the flow, as life should be, but use our vision, mission and values to guide us.

We do have some policies though, chief among them being the guiding Responsible Tourism Policy. Combined with the value system, this becomes an important tool to help us go forward and stick to our path.

Since we come in contact with travellers and deal with their private data all the time, we also have a strict privacy policy Legalities of business demands that we also have Booking Terms and Conditions. Responsible Tourism Policy

The following are the policy guidelines in respect of responsible tourism that we have set for ourselves. We cannot claim that we have achieved every point to our complete satisfaction, but continue to pursue to reach the goal. Click on the more link to read more about it

Booking Terms & Conditions

We do not like to put in too much terms and conditions, as this is a hinderance to our working relationship. However, there are legalities involved in conducting trips, and in order to make things clear, so we all know where we stand, as a company and as a client, the terms and conditions have to be laid out.


Payment Terms
We would be like to flexible in our payment terms, so that clients can pay at their convenience. However, complete flexibility in payment is never possible, and we hope our clients will understand that.

We offer the following four payment options

25% to confirm and 75% four weeks before arrival
50% to confirm and 50% two weeks before arrival
75% to confirm and 25% on arrival in Nepal
100% advance payment