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Responsible Tourism Policy

The following are the policy guidelines in respect of responsible tourism that we have set for ourselves. We cannot claim that we have achieved every point to our complete satisfaction, but continue to pursue to reach the goal.

- We have developed a network of locally owned and operated hotels, restaurants and souvenir outlets. We will use them as far as possible instead of chains owned by foreign companies. We have decided consciously not to vertically integrate. As far as possible, we will subcontract services to qualified local companies. This way, the money will be more evenly spread in the economy.

- As far as possible we will use local equipment. We will hire the equipment from qualified hiring agencies so that the money gets more evenly spread in the economy.

- In most destinations we will aim to where possible to purchase our food from locally produced source.

- We encourage clients through our leaders, the literature and slide shows to act in a responsible way and with an insight and understanding of the host destination.

- We will work together with our stakeholders in this business (hotels, hiring agencies, guides, other companies etc.) to implement the highest of standards and work out an agenda on how these standards can be met.

- We will develop long term partnerships with our stakeholders, hence establishing long lasting economically stable relationships.

- We will take into consideration environmental, cultural and economic issues when looking at tours that we develop.

- We will ensure that our operations do not disrupt or lead to the displacement of local people. So we ensure that our type and scale of tourism is appropriate to local conditions and operate within the limits set by local appropriate infrastructure and carrying capacity.

- We aim to take responsibility for maintaining and improving the environment.

- We look for appropriate systems for minimizing water and atmospheric pollution from tourism developments.

- We aim to achieve zero litter policies.

- We aim to integrate environmental considerations into all economic considerations.

- We will provide regular and ongoing training, in the principles and practices of responsible tourism, both to our staff in the office and those employed out of the office.

- We will provide financial support for local economic, developmental and environmental projects giving back to the community which is supporting our business.

- We aim to reduce the levels of energy use in our offices and by our staff by recycling where possible and reduce paper use by increased training and use of computer technology.