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Tamur River Rafting

Tamur was open for commercial rafting very recently and is known to be one of the best whitewater journeys in the world. The trip combines one of the best short Himalayan treks with a challenging and exhilarating river - three days of trekking along the foothills of the Himalayas, followed by 120 kilometer of exceptional rafting. The superb sandy beaches for camping, magnificent rhododendron forests, few villages and limited agriculture along the river provide Tamur with the most pristine rafting environment in Nepal. The mountain views, with the great massifs of Makalu and Kanchendzonga dominating the two ends of the panorama, are breathtaking. After Gupha Pokhari, a serene high-elevation lake at 10, 000 feet, we begin our descent to meet the Tamur at Dobhan. The first 16-kilometer of the river allows no respite: continuous rapids and churning whitewater embrace all the challenges of the river.

The last few days are extraordinary, as steep canyon walls envelope the river, gorgeous scenery abound and the movement of powerful rapids provide a thrilling expedition. In the last four hours before the Tamur exits the canyon and the cascades into the mighty Sun Koshi, we plough through more than 40 rapids, giving everyone the thrill of it all. Once through, it is a short distance on relatively placid waters to Chatara, the raft put out point. The Tamur rapids are yet to be named!

Your Tamur exploration can be easily combined with a trip to the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve &/or with the Royal Chitwan National Park.