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Norbu Lingka, the summer palace of Dalai Lama. Gyantse the third most important city, Jokhang temple- the most revered temple in Lhasa. Barkhore streets, Drepung Monastery are the most visited places around Tibet. Tasgillumpo Monastery - one of the most important centers of Buddhism is situated in Shigatse the second largest city in Tibet and a detailed tour of Sera Monastery founded in 1419 are highlights of the tour of Tibet. You may make a tour of Tibet see the temples and monasteries dating back to 15th century. You can reach this mystical land taking one of the most dramatic Trans-Himalayan flights to Lhasa or taking a beautiful overland trip from Kathmandu to Lhasa via Kodari- the entry point at the Nepal-Tibet border.

Nari (Ngari), the roof of “the roof of the world”

NilgiriNari (Ngari), the roof of “the roof of the world” is a mysterious place and a virgin area to be explored. With an average altitude of about 4800 metres, it is located at the far west of Tibet Autonomous region, with Shiquanhe as its political centre. To its west is Kirshmir area, to its south is India and Nepal. The Xingjian-Tibet highway runs through from North to South and then winds towards the southeast to Lhasa.

In Nari, there are plenty of beauties to see. The main attraction is its highness and wilderness. The top visits in here are trekking the Mount Kailash, and bathing (watching) the Holy Lake Manasarovar.

Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar are at Baga area. Mount Kailash is 25km to the north of Baga whereas Manasarovar is 21km to the south of Baga. Mount Namonani (7694m) is to the south of the Lake Manasarovar Mount Kailash (6656m) is located in the west of Tibet, bordering with western section of Nepal. The average elevation of this area is about 4500 metres. The Xingjian-Tibet highway winds its way past it in the southern side. About 100km to the south of MountKailash is Mount Namonani (7694m). Mount Namonani is called the Wisdom Goddess of the 5 holy mountains, Mount Everest being one of them. Pilgrims of Tibetan Buddhism, the Hinduism and the Bon religion take Mount Kailash as their own sacred site, all agreeing that MountKailash is the center of the world.

Tachen is the starting point of trekking, at an altitude of 4586 metres. The girth of the circulation is 56km, from Tachen to Jiwu monastery through Manasarovar is about 45kilometres and the distance between Tachen and the highway is about 23 kilometres. The Holy Lake Manasarovar is the holiest in the hearts of pilgrims out of the countless Lakes on this highland. Manasarovar is at an elevation of 4,588m above sea level and is proud to be the highest fresh water Lake in the world. The water area of the Lake is 412 square kilometres, the girth of the Lake is about 84 kilometres and it takes 3-5 days to circulate the holy mountain. There are many monasteries including the Nangla ,Jiwu ,Gochu, Chugu,Serelong and Benri monasteries to name a few. According to legends there are four “gates” around the Lake, It is believed that one is blessed by the God by bathing in the Lake and will get rid of his/her sins committed (if any!).

Four famous rivers in the world stem from here, which are named in Tibetan language after the shape of the locations from where they originate: Lion River, Elephant River, Horse River and the Peacock River