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Why Ayurbedic Treatment at all

As has been presented elsewhere, in Ayurveda we encounter probably the oldest form of knowledge about natural processes, the natural rhythms of the lives of all beings. Ayurveda proclaims the eternal natural law that resides in every living being. In every being (microcosm) is contained everything in perfection that also exists in the universe (macrocosm) in perfection. Everything is perfect. Over the last millennia human beings - above all in the West - have lost their relationship to their "inner intelligence" that guides everything, balances everything. Ayurveda helps one to hear one's inner voice, to rediscover the natural rhythm within oneself and to allow it to take effect, and to feel once more the unity that we are all born with. According to Ayurveda, the causes of illnesses result from a lack in the equilibrium of all our vital energies. Ayurveda leads us back to the point where we comprehend the miracle of our bodies, of our spirit, of our souls in unity with the cosmos. In this way we regain the ideal state that nature invested us with.

Ayurveda is more than a "science". The wise rishis were people of the highest purity and clarity. In this way "was received" from God "the truth of life" and passed on orally to the rishis. They had taken it upon themselves to help people who were afflicted with illnesses and troubles, to relieve their sickness, to preserve their health and to maintain natural contact with every living thing.

Ayurveda Health Home P. Ltd. operates on the basis of this tradition. Dr. Rishi Ram Koirala has, in the course of his eleven years of Ayurveda studies, immersed himself intensely in the secrets that the rishis passed on orally over the millennia. He has given a profoundly spiritualised dimension to this knowledge. In the course of his work as a doctor spanning over 20 years, he has laboured in the face of extreme constraints with regard to time, opportunities and budget, in order to help his country of Nepal, to preserve the wonderful knowledge of Ayurveda, which is the greatest cultural treasure of this country, and to pass on this knowledge to the people of every other nation.